Produced and bottled by Frascone Winery
Mystik Oak is Frascone Winery's brand of meads (honey wines)  

Mystik Oak

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Ron Bentley and Cameron Crane met in 2003 through the Society of Creative Anachronism, a medieval reenactment group. It was then that they began working together to build a stone castle for the group which sparked a friendship that has lasted fourteen years and counting.

Ron began making mead in 2002 and is now skilled at the art of mazing (making mead.) Over the years, he has crafted several meads in many varieties. He has developed the pallet for the types and levels of flavoring that produce pleasing meads. Ron competes in mead competitions and consistently gets the highest scores. He is considered to be a master brewer and mazer by his peers. Mystik Oak’s Spiced Mead is a perfect blend and balance of five spices and a testament to Ron’s expertise.

In 2011, Cameron became a beekeeper and lured Ron into beekeeping the following year. This mutual interest in beekeeping led to the partnership of Bentley Bees and Crane Meadows. Bentley Bees focuses on the honey bee end of the business while Crane Meadows focuses on the products of the hive. By 2013, Bentley Bees had several bee hives which produced a good honey harvest for Crane Meadows. It was that same year that Ron introduced Cameron to mazing. Since then, Ron and Cameron have collaborated on different batches of mead but still explore the endless possibilities for a potentially amazing mead on their own.

In 2015, Ron and Cameron joined the staff of Frascone Winery where Mystik Oak was born. Located in Oak Island, Texas, Frascone Winery is owned and operated by James Frascone. James took Ron and Cameron under his wing to mentor Ron and Cameron in the business of making wine. Mystik Oak mead now falls under the flagship of Frascone Winery. In 2016, Mystik Oak released its first offering simply called Spiced Mead. The mead was entered into the Texas Mead Association and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s competition and won medals in each. 2017 is an exciting year for Mystik Oak and will, no doubt, be a challenging year for Ron and Cameron.

Ron and Cameron feel they can no longer enter in home brew competitions. Every Mystik Oak mead entered into a professional competition has won a medal.

Spiced: 2016 Texas Mead Cup - Gold
Spiced: 2017 Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition- Silver and Reserve Texas Class Champion

Twilight: 2017 Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition- Bronze